&Collar Range Pants Midnight Blue
&Collar Range Pants - Midnight Blue
10-1/2" Gingerbread Stoneware - Multi
Round stoneware dish with 1" height on side Fluted edge Painted Gingerbread boy and holiday florals Hand wash only
14"Rd Wood Beads - Multi
Round wire wreath of white wood beads Approximate measurement - 14"
19 oz Glimmer Pumpkin Dulce
Capri Blue - Glass jar with metal lid - Pumpkin Dulce scent
19 oz Glimmer Volcano
Capri Blue - 19 oz Glass jar with Volcano scent
3 oz Glimmer Mini Tin PDU
Capri Blue candle of Pumpkin Dulce scent in speckled tin
3 oz Glimmer Mini Tin TSP
Capri Blue candle of Tinsel & Spice scent in speckled tin